My name is Brad. I suffered with TMJ pain from early 2012 until well into 2014. Upon the onset of my pain (and other related symptoms), I explored every kind of conventional and unconventional TMJ treatment around. So much so that when I filed my 2012 income tax,  I was surprised to learn I had accumulated over $7000 in related medical expenses for that year alone. This is from a guy who is generally very frugal. But as other TMJ sufferers will understand, when living with chronic pain, money becomes a secondary concern.

While there are many great TMJ resources online, the one drawback I found is too many people venting their own frustration of pain and suffering and not enough sharing about positive treatment results. While venting your pain and frustration is useful (particularly if there is no one close by who can truly sympathize with what you are going through), many people tend to disappear from TMJ forums immediately after they find a resolution to their problem.

As such, I thought I would start a blog to chronicle all my Tested TMJ Treatments. (I have a long list.) The ones that brought me considerable relief from TMJ pain, the ones with poor results, and even those with indefinite results. I encourage others to post the results of their TMJ treatments as well. Hopefully everyone can use the experience of myself and others to find quicker TMJ pain relief and save some money along the way.