I thought I should start my blog with Anatabloc anti-inflammatory supplement. Not because it was the first TMJ treatment I tried (far from it), but because it has brought me the greatest amount of pain relief thus far.

I first heard about Antabloc on a popular financial podcast I regularly listen to. During the interview (listen below), the host of S&A Investor Radio interviews Patrick Cox, editor of the Breakthrough Technology Alert from Agora Financial. In the interview Patrick discusses neutraceuticals, and in particular, an alkaloid known as anatabine citrate. Found in certain plants (like tomatoes and peppers), this naturally occurring compound has been found to significantly moderate autoimmune disorder, and thus excessive inflammation.



Understanding that my TMJ pain is a direct result of inflammation (both within the joints and surrounding tissues), I have been trying to combat my condition with various kinds of anti-inflammatories. Initially I used Advil (ibuprofen) and Aleve (naproxen sodium), but have stopped taking them regularly after learning I was dealing with a chronic condition. (At 39, I’m worried my kidneys won’t hold out from decades of consumption). Next I tied SierraSil Joint Formula 14, a popular mineral supplement for arthritis here in Canada. With mixed results, I turned to basic magnesium supplements and a diet of anti-inflammatory foods, also with mixed results.

After taking Anatabloc supplements for several months, I can truly attest that I have experienced considerable TMJ pain relief. Prior to taking Anatabloc, I was limited to the amount of time I could spend on my computer. As little as two hours and the pain and inflammation became unbearable. Now that I take Anatabloc, I am able to put in a full work day. I won’t lie and say my symptoms have completely been eliminated, but I have regained some normalcy to my schedule.

My rating for the treatment, therefore, is Two Thumbs Up.

two thumbs up

Since Anatabloc is a neutraceutical, it can be purchased without a prescription at local pharmacies, directly from the manufacturer, or through reputable distributors found on sites like eBay and Amazon.